Who is Bee?

My name is Rebecca (most common nickname Becca, known as Bee by all of you!) and I am a School Counsellor at Secondary School. I am a retired rugby player and coach rugby for the Capilano Youth Girls program and Sentinel Secondary School. I will be graduating with my Master’s degree in Counselling Psychology at UBC in May. I am a book blogger named Paperback Patronus, an avid reader,  a photographer and artist, and I am an explorer of the Pacific Northwest where I live in my home base of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Here are some clues to my disposition:

Born and raised in Quispamsis, a small town which, when combined with the equally small town of Rothesay, forms the Kennebecasis Valley of southeastern New Brunswick, Canada.

Coastal soul/body: lungs require salt air.

Person who’s been dealing with Generalized Anxiety Disorder, for over 17 years.

1/4 Welsh, 1/4 Irish, 1/4 English, 1/4 Unknown (Possibly Jamaican or Trinidadian) 100% Canadian, 1st gen.

Named after Daphne Du Maurier’s famous novel Rebecca, my mother’s all-time favourite, and Lauren Bacall.

Language enthusiast: exhilarated, inspired, and moved by words. Incessantly wordy. Perpetual editor.

INFJ with a penchant for (only) scintillating discussion.

Anchored metaphorically to 49°41’09.6″N 123°08’22.9″W and 45°24’47.3″N 65°57’12.2″W.

Connected via fourteen years of handcrafted heartstrings to a deeply thoughtful guy named Andrew. Married to him for five years.

Closest thing you can get to having synaesthesia without being diagnosed as a synaesthete.

Agnostic whose religion is the Pacific Northwest.

Rugby player who doesn’t fit any of the stereotypes.

Colour addict.

Teacher for whom success is defined as inspiring and connecting with students and happiness.

Hopeful poet.

Natural morning person; unintentionally frequent night owl.

Crayola child whose most meaningful goal in life is fitting the description Sarah Kay writes about one of her grade school teachers : “My world was the size of a crayon box, and it took every colour to draw her.” (Spoken at the 2012 UBC Student Leadership Conference and finally published in No Matter the Wreckage in March 2014.)

49°41'09.6"N 123°08'22.9"W
49°41’09.6″N 123°08’22.9″W
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