Thankful Thursday 3: Slowing Down

Welcome to the third week of my Thankful Thursday, this time with a focus on slowing down.

Here’s my Thankful Thursday for the Week of April 27- May 3, 2018!

Things I am thankful for this week:

  • My hip is still pretty messed up but I went to chiro again and it was magical. This is the best chiropractor I have ever seen (and I’ve seen my fair share).
  • Also, I’m still able to run (albeit in pain) which means I’ll still be able to run Sunday’s race.
  • In the same vein… there are only three days until the BMO Vancouver Half-Marathon! I’m excited and nervous all at once. Five months of training and it’s nearly here!
  • I can feel the difference my new thyroid meds are making already. It could easily be placebo, but I’m sleeping less (more like 8 hours instead of 9) and still feeling rested. My mood is also higher and I’m more motivated and productive.
  • Dad and Sharon arrived safely in Vancouver and are staying really close to my place for two weeks! I’m so excited to have them cheer me on at my race.
  • We got a thank you card in the mail from friends we gave a gift to for their new baby.
  • My husband and I are quite possibly happier than we ever have been. We’ve always been happy, but things are just pretty swell right now, and we’re both taking notice. It’s awesome.
  • This 6am sunrise on my last training run before cutting things off to rest my hip:

Slowing Down

  • And the title of this post, slowing down! Because my hip and quad have been bothering me so much, I’ve cut some training runs out of my schedule and am spending a lot of time contrasting (ice and heat), and using my foam roller. It’s forcing me to slow down a bit and it feels nice, even though the injury itself is un-fun and stressful.
  • I’ve also been reading more. The catalyst for this was realizing that I had an Advanced Reader Copy of a book to read and review two days before the due date. So it forced me to spend a lot of Sunday and Monday reading. I managed to get the review published on time, which was great.

There you have it!

So, that’s my Thankful Thursday list for this sunny week. I hope it inspires you to make your own, and get on that gratitude train!

Peace and love,


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